Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ringbearer Book

As usual, my daily blog run-through has got my wheels turning. While I know I don't need any additional projects on my plate, I saw this precious Ringbearer book for sale on Ruffled and it got me thinking.


I thought it was such a precious idea and both Mr. and I LOVE to read. He's a huge sci-fi, fantasy nerd... a la Ender's Game, The Golden Compass,and don't forget comic books!! I, on the other hand, am a huge romantic, and have a soft spot for the classics...Jane Eyre, and Little Women. We tend to pass books back and forth a lot but there is one book in particular that has really touched our hearts, "You Shall Know Our Velocity." First of all, how AWESOME is the name of the book. I think it pretty much sums up our life motto! The 2002 Dave Egger novel is about two wayward friends who go on a journey around the world with the intention of just blowing through $80,000 by arbitrarily giving to people they decide are most deserving... on the way they do things like battle bears and practice jumping from tree to tree while 20 feet in the air. THIS IS SO OUR LIFE!

Plus look at how awesome the cover of the book is. The book actually starts on the front cover:


So I'm figuring we could DIY some sort of vow book, which would serve as the vehicle for transporting our vows safely from the US to Costa Rica and down the aisle. We could wrap it up all pretty in lace and ribbon.

While I was writing this post, I saw a post about Ruby Lane:


Ruby Lane
is an e-commerce website that is designed to bring buyers and sellers of vintage everything together, online. They have quite a selection of vintage books but they don't all come cheap. (They also have a great selection of vintage jewelry, if your looking!)

If you can't find the perfect book, you can always just make it! This couple put together this adorable book cover for their e-session but I'm sure with a little brainstorming it could be a cute book cover for other occasions.

I know people have done a lot of cool stuff with books. I really really love this book so I don't want to cut it up or take out pages but I would love to incorporate this lovely book into our big day.

Anyone else love this book? Anyone use an important book on your big day?


  1. I was just toying with the idea of using books in the ceremony. Thanks!

  2. Ohhh I just bought my guest book! So how many days until the wedding, JD?


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