Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You win some, you lose some

Over a month ago I blogged about a gorgeous brooch I bought on hautelook. Unfortunately the brooch never came. Apparently Hautelook oversold the item and didn't have enough to send out to all their customers. :(

However Hautelook was super awesome about it and they gave me back my $20, plus an extra $20 for the inconvenience! YAY! I'm really hoping to hit up some flea markets this fall to find a replacement brooch but I already found this cutie on hautelook.

I think this would be a great dress for my wedding weekend. I kind of hate the way the this dress is styled in this picture,(as Michael Kors would say "Styling can make or break you outfit") but with a cute pair of sandals and a cute colorful necklace! I am not sure when I would wear it but it was only $25! Def worth it!


  1. Sorry about the brooch... Someone once told me that you can't win them all, but you CAN lose them all. That someone had obviously not yet dealt with customer service at Haute Look!

  2. I love being quoted on my own blog... its such an exercise in narcissism :D


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