Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Workout Plan Update

Tomorrow is the last day of my 30 day Bikram Yoga pass. I got a groupon in June for a 30 day pass at Bikram Yoga Harlem and after months of procrastinating finally got myself up there!

Today was my 15th class and I have to admit I can't believe its all going to be over! Unfortunately I won't be able to stay at Bikram Yoga Harlem because the studio is WAY too expensive for me but I still have 7 months until the wedding so I am not sure what I am going to do!!

That being said, I wonder why I didn't budget my own health into my wedding budget? I budgeted skin care, jewelry, and even new undergarments but I didn't even think to budget a gym membership or even a yoga DVD!!

This last weekend, I finally sat down and decided on a firm budget. Until now we have been working with very vague estimates because I had a really hard time understanding how much things should cost and how much I was willing to spend. Now that we've secured a few of the more important (expensive) items (location, dress, suit, wedding planner and photographer)it was much easier to get an idea of how much money we had left to play with and how we wanted to distribute that money.

I also created this matrix to help me think about all the various wedding related items/details:

The idea is that things which are the most important to us as a couple and those that will last the longest deserve the most attention (aka largest portion of the budget). On the other hand, those things that we don't care about and that won't really have a lasting impact we should consider spending little to no money on. So all the items that fall in the upper right quadrant are those things that we are willing to really splurge on, and those in the upper left and lower right are the items that we want but shouldn't blow the bank to get, and last but not least are the items in the lower left. These items are items that we really shouldn't bend over backwards to get and perhaps could even live without!

So my preliminary matrix would look something like this:

Now there are two catches to this matrix:
1. I really have to be honest with myself about how important each detail is to us as a couple.
2. It doesn't actually help us figure out how much we should spend on each item, it just helps us think about what percentage of the total budget we are willing to spend on each item.

So I guess the question still stands: Where would health/exercise fall?
Somewhere in the lower right quadrant?? Perhaps even the upper right??


  1. Have you tried Yoga for the People. It's in Chelsea and I think it's like $7 a class. I have a friend who goes and loves it.

  2. I haven't but I definitely should I just need to commit to making the trek... all the yoga places also have "charity" classes where you "pay what you can."

    I also found out today that NYSC is doing a $30 for 30 days special which includes classes!


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