Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Unfortunately I am currently engagement ring-less. We are having the ring upgraded to platinum from white gold because I didn't want to deal with the re-dipping. Plus the price of gold has gone up significantly since D bought my ring so we got a pretty good price for selling back the metal.

Originally I was going to just get my wedding ring in platinum but after a little research it seemed like the two metals rubbing against each other would cause more trouble than it was worth. Plus our jeweler is a friends mother so she gave us an incredible price for an eternity pave engagement ring setting with a matching wedding band.

I should have my rings in a week or two but I am so sad without my e-ring. I even have the indentation on my finger to remind me of my missing jewel. That's when I stumbled on this beauty... even without your ring on you have a reminder of your commitment. How amazing is this idea!?!

{Yoon Jung Yun via Oh, hello friend}

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  1. I was just ringless for about a week when I got my engagement ring resized... it was so awkward not having it on and I'm glad to get it back!


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