Sunday, October 10, 2010

Letterpress Love

Now that my save the dates have made it out and I've finally got into the swing of things at school, I figured it was time to start thinking about invitations. I figure it will take at least a month to design, print and receive the invitations and another month to put them together and send them out so I figured I should start early.

Affordable Letterpress with Design

{Thistleberry Press}
I am not in love with any of their designs but their prices are quite reasonable and there seems to be the opportunity to customize your own invitation.

Pricing: One color 5 x 7 invitations starting at $385 for 50. For more pricing information click here.

{White Aisle}
White Aisle is not as affordable as the other options but they have some really amazing vintage lace designs.

Pricing: Single color invitations with printed envelope starting at $425 for 50 and two color starting at $600 for 50. For more pricing information click here.

Affordable letterpress without Design

{Dick & Jane Letterpress Co.}
Pricing: One Color 5 x 7 invitations start at $295 for 50. For more pricing information click here.

{Mercurio Brothers}
Pricing: One color 5 x 7 invitations starting at $192 for 50. For more information click here.

There are obviously some GREAT deals available if you have are able to create your own design (or have a friend who is able to help you out!) If you aren't that lucky you could try Sweet Penelope or Printable Press. There are also a number of letterpress studios that will design for a cost without printing and will print a design if you have one so make sure to ask if you can't afford the design and the printing at the same studio.

I am SOOOO obsessed with the following wedding suites. I love love love them for very different reasons. The first one was definitely a case of love at first sight and I already contacted the designer to inquire about prices, customization, etc. The second is sooo breathtaking, I literally gasped when I saw them. There were designed by the groom so I can't coop them but I am sure as h*ll going to use them as inspiration! I love the mixture of textures, patterns and fonts. It also combines a variety of vintage and tropical images.

{Wild Ink Press}

{ Beast Pieces}

If anyone has found any other great affordable letterpress resources, please share! I've started a list of letterpress studios to the right under {Letterpress.Love}.

For a pretty extensive list of letterpress studios click here.

Happy Sunday!!


  1. I love the look of letterpress!

  2. I love the wild ink press invitations. Just found some new inspiration. We def have the same tastes :)


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