Friday, October 22, 2010

Dreaming of Warmer Weather

I don't know where you are but here in NYC it is a chilly 51 degrees. It's really just too cold for comfort and when it gets chilly my favorite thing is to look at vacation destinations. Two years ago I bought last minute tickets to Miami, and last year it was Costa Rica, but now that I am married I can do it under the guise of honeymoon research. That being said, how much do you love Jetsetter and SniqueAway! There's so much deliciousness I don't quite know where to start!

{Banyan Tree Bangkok - Deluxe Suites starting at $90/night}

This a gorgeous restaurant with what they claim to be the highest rooftop restaurant in the world. D surprised with dinner and drinks at this lovely restaurant on our last night in Bangkok. It was incredible and so bitter sweet. Even though Bangkok isn't the traditional honeymoon destination its a great gateway to many of the most beautiful beaches in southeast Asia. That being said this next offer took my breath away.

This lovely location is the Banyan Tree in Koh Samui. I have a soft spot in my heart for Koh Samui. D and I spent a little over a month there. He was getting is ESL teaching certificate and I was just doing a lot of laying around on the beach, and getting massages. I really really do love it there... even though its super overdeveloped and a little touristy in many places. However if you are lucky enough to stay in a place like this, I can't image there is a more beautiful place in the world to be...

{Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa}

Jetsetter seems to have a lot of deals in South Africa and they all look A-MAZING! Ever since the World Cup I've been toying with changing our honeymoon destination from Bali to South Africa.

{Wild Dunes – Isle of Palms, SC}

Since all the other locations I loved have been a little exotic I thought I'd throw in a little love at a domestic location! I haven't spent that much time on the east coast but the more time I spend stalking SW Mag beach weddings the more I realize I must be missing out!

I could really go on forever about the amazing deals on both these websites but I'll show SOME self-restraint and stop here!

They've both had a number of great deals in Costa Rica. I'm keeping my figures cross that they have a deal closer to our wedding so that we can book a few nights after the wedding for our mini-moon. D and I vacation A LOT but I am so excited for the first vacation we will take as husband and wife :D I really really want to book a honeymoon suite just because we can! On the other hand, I am so obsessed with this Tree House Villa in Costa Rica. It's a little more than we'd like to spend but there tends to be a lot of deals on hotels if you buy last minute especially because our wedding is at the beginning of the rainy season and before the summer season starts!

If you aren't already a member click here for an invite to Jetsetter and here for an invite to Snique Away!

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