Monday, October 18, 2010

Best of Ruffled DIY Contest

I've been keeping a close eye of Ruffled's DIY contest entries few weeks and to be honest, I haven't been that impressed. A number of the projects are just not that original and the rest of them aren't that creative. Unfortunately this is probably more a reflection of the time I've spent on wedding blogs and doing DIY research, than the quality of the submissions. Here are a few that I thought were actually useful/creative DIY projects.

1. Doily Paper Laterns

{DIY Instructions}

I actually saw these lanterns on Etsy at June Petals a few months ago. I even bookmarked the store! I am super excited about this DIY project because I already own way too many doilies!

2. Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Favors

{DIY Instructions}

I am not having a winter wedding but I think this idea is really adorable. I think these would so adorable for a destination wedding at a ski lodge.

3. Thank You Garden Seed Package

{DIY Instructions}

Once again, I don't think these would be appropriate for my wedding but would be so adorable at a garden wedding. I generally like DIY projects that include printable templates.

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  1. The hot chocolate and marshmallows would be he perfect parting gift for a late Autumn or Winter wedding. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm engaged and will get married on 6.11.11. Thanks for posting these. Excellent timeline by the way.


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