Monday, September 6, 2010

Hanging from the trees...

While I was in NOLA last weekend I was laying around watching tv (it rained for a whole day!) and I caught a glimpse of the new Taylor Swift video and noticed the gorgeous scenes in the woods with the hanging photographs. This reminded me of all the gorgeous weddings with gorgeous hung items.


{Blush Events}

{inBloom Event}

{Wedding Bee}

{Once Wed}

{Snippet and Ink}

There is something so romantic and almost dream-like about having things hanging from trees, blowing in the wind. I think its a hard balance to strike, between appreciating the natural beauty of an outdoor location and enhancing the beauty to make it your own.

One of the hardest things about planning a destination wedding is not knowing what the location looks like. It's impossible to plan DIY projects when I can't envision the location.

Well... not im-possible, but really really hard!

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