Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NO Bed & Breakfast

This year is the 5 year anniversary of Katrina. In part, Katrina is what brought my FF and I together. It seemed like the perfect time for us to make our first trip as a couple.

Dave has never been and I've been telling him that we can't get married until he goes... so the other day I was browsing Hotwire (which I do whenever I'm bored) and I found tickets from NYC to NOLA for $149RT. It was meant to be...

Although I already booked the Marriott for the first few nights, I really want to spend the last few nights at a Garden District Bed and Breakfast. Enter Maison Pierre...

So first of all, the rooms all have sweet girlie names, just like wedding dresses! Second, a full, hot Southern breakfast is served every morning and is included with the room!

{Clair's Room}

{Kate's Room}

{Charlotte's Room}

Also not all the rooms are covered in girlie florals but I LOVE GIRLY FLORALS so I fell in love with these rooms!

I am SO excited!!

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