Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy: Homemade Titanium Rings...

I recently read another bride's blog where she discussed her purchase of a titanium ring for her future hubby. (I can't seem to find the blog but I swear it exists!!) It caught my attention because titanium is a durable, budget-friendly option and due to Dave's lifestyle he really needs something that will last and that could perhaps be easily replaced.

So what are the Pros and Cons of titanium?

*Titanium is very light and extremely durable, making it an ideal candidate for wearable jewelry.
*Another pro is the durability; it is virtually indestructible through normal wear. Unlike gold alloys that wear down over years of normal use, titanium will hold strong showing very little wear over the years.

*Since titanium is so durable, it is very difficult if not impossible to re-size. This is bad for someone whose weight fluctuates
*Titanium can be cut off in an emergency, but it may take a little longer than a gold or platinum ring.

Here are some great (more traditional) titanium rings I found on etsy:
{Titanium's Knights - $40}

{Minter and Richter Designs - $90}

{Renaissance Jewelry - $29.99}

Here are some less traditional titanium rings that I thought were kind of cool:

{Jewelry by Johan's - $167}

{Jewelry by Johan's - $167}

{Minter and Richter Designs - $175}

Titanium... wedding band do or wedding band don't???


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