Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something blue

For my something old inspiration I really focused on things that have a vintage feel. I especially love these vintage silver Mr. and Mrs. flatware. I have blogged about vintage postage stamps in the past and I still love them!
1. Mr. and Mrs. Vintage Silver
2. Vintage Postage Stamps
3. Vintage Postcards
4. Vintage Signs

For my something new I focused on wedding items that are a little more trendy or new. Although I love all these items, I think the personalized bottle labels and the ring bowl are the two I am most likely to actual consider for my own wedding.
1. Ring Bowls
2. Vintage Brooch Bouquets
3. Personalized Bottle Labels
4.Personalized Paper Parasols

Rentals! I love these vintage parasols. I am also amused by the idea of cake rentals. I recently learned that cake rentals are very popular in Malaysia (where my mother is from) and my mother didn't realize that the cakes in wedding pictures were actually real! Lastly who doesn't love a photo booth. Anyone who is on facebook knows how important photographs are (if you don't have photographic evidence it may not have happened)!
1. Vintage Parasol Rental
2. Cake Rentals
3. Photo booth rentals
4. Jewelry Rentals

Last but not least...something blue. I am not a huge fan of blue. In fact I hate blue, but I love all these items. I especially love the bird bowls and the coasters.
1. Lacy Blue Bird Bowl
2. Vintage-Inspired Coasters-Serene Summer
3. Vintage Blossom Collection Wedding Invitation and RSVP
4. Asymmetrical White Chrysanthemum Necklace

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