Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Engagement Photos...

We got the rest of our engagement photos!!! So I obviously had to share some of my favorites. I love this shot because it makes my legs look in this photo and I think its a great shot of my favorite pair of shoes!

This picture was a tough one to pull off because I have no control over my facial muscles and tend to get really giggly.

The story behind the rose is that it was a valentine's day present two years ago. My FF is a very anti-valentine's day person and wanted to do something unique. Something a little different from the traditional dozen red roses or box of chocolates. We were living in Thailand at the time and I had to work all day so he had me meet him on the SkyTrain platform after work. When I got to the platform I saw him standing behind this huge rose! I named her "Orchid Valentine" and hand carried her all the way to New York City.

How amazing is the sky in this one!! I was so worried that the clouds would make all the shots look super gloomy but I think it turned out amazing.

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