Monday, May 3, 2010

Kleinfield Appointment

My sister (who is my very best friend and an amazing college volleyball player) is going to Ireland for a volleyball tournament of some sort at the end of the month. The point is, she leaves from NY so she's coming in for the night and we are going dress shopping!! I made an appointment at Kleinfeld and now I need to pick my top 5 dresses. Here are my top choices:

{ALVINA VALENTA Style No: 31653041}

{CHRISTOS Style No: 31642572}

{DAVID FIELDEN Style No: 31644024}

{JIM HJELM Style No: 31574783}

{JUDD WADDELL Style No: 31318082}

{LAZARO Style No: 31490295}

{LAZARO Style No: 31644230}

{MELISSA SWEET Style No: 31693054}

{MONIQUE LHUILLIER Style No: 31791692}

{PATTIS Style No: 31652936}

Which ones should I try????


  1. {MONIQUE LHUILLIER Style No: 31791692}

  2. That one is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I love Monique Lhullier!

  3. i'm so exciteed!!!

  4. The Christos gown was one of my favorites.

  5. Which one did she choose?? They are all so beautiful.


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