Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspiration: Invitations {Ijorere}

Pronounced E-Jaw-Ray-Ray and derived from a Yoruba-Nigerian meaning, Ijo Rere is actually two words made one. ‘Ijo’ means Day and ‘Rere’ means Grand. Ijorere sums up how your special occasion should be…A day that is Grand.

Although I am not Yoruba (I am Igbo), I thought it would be appropriate to feature a Nigerian company that combines traditional ideas with a modern aesthetic. PLUS... all Ijorere's products are GREEN! Ijorere prides itsself on using vendors & resources that are concerned & provide earth-friendly products using renewable energy. Ijorere papers are made using 100% wind power. Ijorere papers are acid free, Archival, Green Seal Certified, Certified Processed Chlorine Free and recyclable. Ijorere ships all its orders in boxes made from recycled material.

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