Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cake Toppers!

I don't think I will be using a cake topper but I love to look. I especially love the little love birds, and there is definitely something very sweet about a bridal cake topper.

Much like the veil, the little bride and groom is one of those things that really says "wedding."

All these cake toppers were found on etsy!

The thing about these cake toppers is that I'm pretty sure I could make them. They are just hand painted peanuts which I could make out of polymer clay.(I think very highly of my DIY skills).
So I was also a little surprised by the number of zombie/vampire themed wedding toppers and the lack of bi-racial toppers :( I wonder if it's a cultural thing? Or maybe a statistical thing... maybe the type of people who are in biracial relationship are not typically the type of people who want wedding toppers? I know that's ridiculous but I prefer to think it has a business reason.

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