Thursday, April 29, 2010

TWO Photography Giveaways

I love giveaways because (1) I like free things (2)I am broke (3) I like to WIN!!! Here are two A-MAZING photography sessions from two A-MAZING photographers:

Here’s the breakdown of your loot:

♥ For the engagement photoshoot: a two hour session on-location, with the option of multiple outfit changes and all high resolution files of the photos.
♥ For the wedding: eight hour wedding day coverage, high resolution files on disc, custom processing, and an assistant photographer. Plus, all of your wedding and engagement photos will be posted online for everyone to drool over!

To enter send an email to and, in any medium and in any format, express your love for the one you’re with! Send us a picture, a poem, a video, a song, a story…anything. The possibilities are endless… and creatively will be rewarded! Be sure to include your name and contact information, wedding date and location, and share a recent photo of you and your lovebug.
{Click here for more information}

Here is what the winners will receive:

♥ 6 hours of wedding day coverage
♥ Travel with in the state of Michigan (travel fees will be applied for all weddings outside the state of Michigan and the United States)
♥ Film processing and printed 4×6 proofs delivered in a custom made proof box
♥ Film negatives will be cut and sleeved and delivered with the proofs
♥ All film will be scanned digitally* and posted online for you to share with your friends and family
(*Digital scans may be purchased separately)

To enter the contest you must go to Jen's website leave a comment on the post with the following information:

~A little about yourself and your fiance
~Why you think you would be the best candidate for a film wedding shot by me?
~What is it about your wedding that is different and unique, where will it take place?
~What do you love about film, why would you rather have your wedding shot on film?
{To enter click here}

Good luck!!!

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