Friday, April 23, 2010

And they called it puppy loooove...

This is my ring bearer. (Isn't this an amazing picture. He really loves to give kisses.)

His name is Bourbon Thomas Monroe III. I know that's a lot of name for such a small dog. At 4.5 lbs, he is the cutest 6-year-old I know!

He is the other love of my life and has been for many years. He was the man that laid in bed with me when I was at my worst. He spent every minute by my side during Hurricane Katrina and cried softly in my lap on the plane home. It only seems right that he would stand by my side on the biggest day of my life.

Here are some other people who love their puppies as much as I do!

{For more images from this wedding}

{More images click here}

{More pictures click here}

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