Friday, April 30, 2010

Destination: Wedding

For a number of reasons, we have decided we want a destination wedding. I have literally been dreaming about my wedding day since I was 7. When I dream about my wedding it is not a series of small parties that lead up to the big day. Instead it's more like Mardi Gras. It's an event that just builds for about a year but is basically a week-(or more) long vacation filled with laughter, friends, fun, and of course a little bit of alcohol. Additionally, because our friends and family are coming from all over the U.S. and some from even further, I really wanted to make sure I would get to enjoy having all my favorite people in the same place. How amazing does that sound? I know its selfish but its MY WEDDING :D

Originally the debate was between somewhere in the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica. Then we realized that we kind of had to get married on the pacific. That's where we met, that's where we are both from, and according to Mr., the Atlantic is not even really an ocean. It quickly became obvious that all WE really wanted was to have the wedding in Costa Rica. Pacific Ocean...check. Surf...check. Monkeys (yes, monkeys)...check. What more could we want?!!?

Then came the guilt... I feel guilty that its gonna cost my friends so much, I feel guilty that we aren't going to be able to have a catholic wedding, I feel guilty that the wedding is all about us and not at all about my parents.

Then I stumbled on this amazing blog. Tulle and Feather is a blog that follows two California brides one from San Diego and one from San Fransisco as they plan their own weddings. Here are her comments regarding destination weddings:

"if you've been debating about whether or not to have a destination wedding, do it. by far, the best decision we've ever made. when we set out on our wedding planning process we knew we wanted something more than one day. we wanted several days of memories, laughter, tears and pure selfishness. all our favorite people in a favorite place that we would never be able to recreate again in our lives without the excuse of a wedding to do it."
{For More from Tulle and Feather}

I only pray that my friends and family will support our decision and decide to join us on this amazing journey. We love and adore you all.

*** One of my very very favorite people in the world told me he can't read my blog because there is too much pink and lace. This is for you benjy :) Love you and hope you can make it to CR!

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